No One Behind Board Game


A Game-Based Learning technologies and tools will be used to offer a learning experience for adults from rural areas who are willing to improve their digital skills and knowledge, so as to find new work opportunities and eventually improve their life quality.

Following the development of an innovative methodology for education and training of adults in rural areas and a training module-based manual for digital skills, will be created an online environment that will consist of a simple table game that will incorporate project materials in a playful way.

When the game will be ready, participants and the general public can freely access the table game and use it.

The game will be based on quiz-like assessment mechanisms, and will test and identify one’s level of digital knowledge through knowledge and skills assessment mechanisms. The selected training methods that will be used will strongly depend on the methodology, whereas the content of the questions/ real-life scenarios/ case studies, etc. will derive from the training manual.

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