Target groups


Adult educators: social workers, teachers, mentors, professors, other professionals who work with adults

Adults from rural zone willing to improve their daily life, to change their job or to find new opportunities by equip with digital skills.

Indirectly, the project will also target other stakeholders of the project, namely education centers and other organizations; public bodies active in local and regional development, decision-makers in the field of education.

For all the above, this project will aim for educators, mentors and other professionals who work with adults to get acquainted with their learners’ specific needs and to be trained to implement a tailored course with specific content to improve their ICT skills.

One of the strengths of this project will be the emphasis on the use of digital skills in different spheres and dimensions of rural adults, such as: digital skills required by employers, daily activities at the workplace, social context. Developing an online environment, a combined course, and local study groups will make a good combination for both knowledge and inspiration of educators, as well as rural adults to improve their skills.

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